"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." - Dali

Friday, February 15, 2008

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"Newton de Gala"
Dalí Theater-Museum, Figueres, Spain

"Persistence of Memory"
South Bank, London, UK

"Queen Esther"
Dalí Theater-Museum, Figueres, Spain

"Alice In Wonderland"
Wheelock Place, Singapore

"Space Elephant"
South Bank, London, UK

"Dali's Elephant"
Gala Dalí Castle House-Museum, Púbol, Spain

Real Círculo Artístico Museum, Barcelona, Spain

"Gala Gradiva"
Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

"Gala at the Window"
Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

"The Vision Of The Angel"
Dali Museum, Paris, France

Real Círculo Artístico Museum, Barcelona, Spain

Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

"The Cosmic Elephant"
Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

"Nude ascending a staircase"
Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

Singapore River, Singapore

"Horse Saddled With Time"
UOB Plaza 1, Singapore

"Surrealist Piano"
UOB Plaza 1, Singapore

"Saint George and the Dragon"
Capital Tower, Singapore

"Space Venus"
Dali Musem, London, England, UK

"Woman Aflame"
Exchange Square, Hong Kong, China

"The Rhino Dressed on Lace"
Puerto José Banús, Marbella, Spain

"Homage to Newton"
UOB Plaza, Singapore

"Profile of Time"
Kew Gardens, London, UK

Statue of Salvador Dali at Cadaqués, Spain


LN- Nickers and Ink said...

Nice photos of Dali's amazing work. I love "St. George and the Dragon."

Gregorio said...

thanks for posting these.I wish I was so lucky to see them all in person.

yakinman said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting! Do you have a photo of a Dali work in Singapore of a 12 foot tall bird resembling a chicken? Let me know at yakinman@yahoo.com please!

Rosa Hayes said...

those are really nice photos and the artist really knows what he/she is doing

Raul said...

Great work of art.
Thanks for sharing

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LLLT said...

Love Salvador Dali Art. Thanks for posting these. Have looked at them several times now.

Model said...

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Snake Charmer said...

wow that was some beautiful sculptures


Chris Wood said...

That is a fantastic collection of photos. Well done!

Miss Insanity said...

Stunning photos- and amazing statues. Love it. :)

MollyCécile said...

oh my goodness, I love Dali. He's one of my favorite artists!!

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Let me know what you think of it!


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to understand Dali's work. He was like a Rock start among artists.

Anonymous said...

amazing work he did!

Silent_Majority said...

I have always loved Dali's work. I have never seen the sculptures before. thanks for the culture.

dpanupam said...

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suparna said...

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Paceñita said...

I love Salvador Dalí, he is the best!
gracias por subir las fotos :)
viva Dalí!

etegration said...

"Saint George and the Dragon"
Orchard Road, Opera Gallery, Singapore is wrong, the location is Capital Tower, Singapore.

"Surrealist Piano"
Opera Gallery, Singapore is wrong, it is at UOB Plaza 1, next to Singapore River.

"Horse Saddled With Time "
Opera Gallery, Singapore's address is UOB Plaza 1 too, next to Singapore river.

Thank you for sharing Dali's work in these photos.

Geromme Talampas said...
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Anonymous said...

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